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Serious Concerns with the International Fellowship Of Christians And Jews

Posted by hjdenson on November 8, 2012

People of faith are called to help the less fortunate. We have a new heart that has been given to us that causes us to desire to assist the poor, downtrodden and persecuted. Christians and Jews alike have a heart for persecuted Jews, and this is exactly what the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews preys on in their advertising targeting well-meaning Christians. The message in their infomercials is heartbreaking – showing persecuted Jews wanting to return to their homeland. The advertisement is inundated with common scriptures to Jews and Christians. The organization does help with relocating persecuted Jews. In this, their are honest in their advertisements. The dishonesty comes from just how anti-Christian the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews really is.

Consider the following, from Wild Olive Branches‘ research:

Rabbi Eckstein states that he helps the Jewish people, yet he REFUSES to work with Jewish people who believe in Jesus. (Outlined below)

…The name of this organization International Fellowship of Christians and Jews is intentionally MISLEADING— the IFCJ does NOT share the Gospel at ALL and it is NOT a Christian organization!

The Founder and President – Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein is an Orthodox Jewish Rabbi. He adamantly opposes Jewish people who believe in Jesus. How is that Christian? How does that ‘foster relations between Christians and Jews’ — as is the motto of the IFCJ?

 Wild Olive Branches also quotes Ministry Watch and Yahoo News:

2010 Review by[7] – 

“… Evangelicals believe that genuine Christian witness is carried out in a spirit of love, for it is performed out of the desire to help people obtain the greatest good possible to man: the gift of eternal life. Rabbi Eckstein and IFCJ do not support, in fact they implicitly oppose, this mission.”

“For this reason, many evangelicals find it difficult to support IFCJ, especially given the fact that there are Christian ministries (some of which are operated by Messianic Jews[8]), which provide similar services for the Jewish people.”

“… Eckstein, who advises Israeli Prime Minister Sharon, said he would strongly urge Sharon and other Israeli leaders to shun evangelical leaders who support messianic attempts to proselytize Jews †† — even though evangelicals have poured tens of millions of dollars into Israel and have been steadfast visitors to the Jewish state …”

October 11, 2011 – YAHOO News[9]\

“… At the same time, Rabbi Eckstein has become the primary voice for teaching the Jewish roots of Christianity to Christians and deepening their bonds with Israel. He has been recognized by Newsweek for the last two years as one of the most influential rabbis in America (#18 in 2011) …” †††

††† NOTE: If the Yahoo link is not working correctly, here’s the original IFCJ Press Release[11](last paragraph).

Lastly, consider Rabbi Eckstein’s inordinately high salary for a non-profit:

Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein Français : Portrait de ...

Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein Français : Portrait de Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein assis dans une bergère en confessional (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Imagine a $105,475.00 pay increase in 3-years!

  • $702,417.00 in 2010. The IFCJ’s 2010 IRS Form 990 states that Rabbi Eckstein was compensated $702,417.00 for his services in 2010!

Consider that  this organization has NO written Statement of Faith, Eckstein’s 2011 salary was $784,193.00 and organization receives NEARLY ALL of their funds from Christians who don’t realize what his group stands for—over $709,000,000.00 to date! Remember he REFUSES to work with Jews who believe in Jesus and suppresses the gospel!

Source: ** This is a summary article, for more details please go to:  IFCJ Scam? –  (

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