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Shalom Ministry 2013 Planned Events

Posted by hjdenson on January 27, 2013

One New Man Conference –

Bringing together the important church leaders in the Detroit area and around the country. Representing the black, white and Jewish churches. Give a place of prominence to our Jewish Leaders. Speaking of the oneness of the church and how to overcome the obstacles that make Sunday the most segregated day in America.

Messianic Mission to Detroit –

Have Messianic believers go into the inner city to minister to the downtrodden. (Homeless, addicts, prostitutes, thieves, deadbeat Dads, etc…) Work with black churches to minister to neighborhoods, Set up a Financial Seminar to help with individually biblically based finances.

Other Shalom Ministry Outreach Events Planned for 2013

• Marriage Workshops
• Money Management Workshops
• Godly Parenting Workshops
• Jewish Roots of Christianity Presentations
• Witnessing to Jewish people classes
• Christian Celebrity Roast – Bob Dutko
• Shalom Dinner Banquet
• Shroud of the Turin Seminars (3)
• Evangelism Events in Jewish neighborhoods
• Fellowship of Suffering Tours (Holocaust Museum and the African American Museum)
• Passover Seders
• Financial Seminars
• Missionary Church Plant



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